Let's Talk About... Starting A Conversation

Everyone has heard the advice about “engaging with people” and “having conversations”… but what does that actually mean for your business?

So, let’s dig into it - the two reasons that you want to start conversations, and exactly how to do it.

The Algorithm Gods will be pleased

This tends to be the reason that my clients know about - but it can still cause a lot of confusion! Social media networks, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or one of the more niche ones, all operate algorithms which decide what content you will see when you log in. They tailor it to all kinds of things - but one of the things that shows if your content is shown to your audience is how much engagement it gets.

If your content gets replies, it will be shown to more people.

To simplify why, the platforms want people to stay on their networks. If people are having conversations on your post, they are likely to stick around. That’s why you tend to see a lot of heavily-commented LadBible and Huffington Post posts in your feed - the click-baity headlines and engaging topics get people talking, and that gets Facebook showing it to more people.

More importantly, you should be pleased

Relationships are built through conversations. The more conversations you are having, the more relationships you are building… and the more people are going to buy from you. If there was one piece of advice that I could give to every small business owner, it would be to never underestimate the value of relationships.

So how do you do it?!

I’m going to use an example from a client that I visited this morning. They are a lovely local car dealer, and we’ve had some consultations in the past, so they’re aware that they need to post consistently and have someone ready to engage with responses. They asked me to come in because, despite freeing up a lovely member of staff to answer comments and questions on their posts… they weren’t getting any comments or questions.

As an example this morning, we put up a post which talked about a new car that they are trying to sell, which would be perfect as a first car… and then we asked people what their first car was. They didn’t even need to get employees to comment to try and get this one going - within two hours, they’d had 45 replies. And that meant the lovely employee could chat to people about what their first car had been, what had happened to it, whether they’d drive it again… and build relationships with those people.

And that matters.

Now imagine that you’re looking to buy your first car, or to buy a first car for your teenager. are you going to go talk to the car dealer you found on google, or the one that you’ve talked to on facebook, that knows what your first car was?

The latter. And that’s what this is all about. You take people through the Know - Like - Trust framework, and get them ready to buy from you - which is why we’re on social media in the first place.

Prefer to watch it?

Katy Elle Blake