We bring your brand to life online.

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Social Media Management

Revitalise your social media today. Whether you’re looking for organic only or full management including campaigns and advertising - we manage every aspect of your social media so you don’t have too.

Social Media Strategy

Learn how to manage your accounts like the pros. You’ll have me right with you coaching, training and supporting you to create and execute your own social media management.

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Social Media Guides

Learn the secrets to success. If you want to up skill and learn social media best practises, check out our guides and services so you can manage your accounts like a pro.


Ready to outsource your social media?

Here’s how it works.

There’s no mistaking that social media is powerful - but it’s an investment, too. And we all know that however much effort you put in at the gym, you’re not walking away with a great body that first month! That’s why all of our packages run for a minimum of three months, to allow us to really get started building you real social media with substance.

We’re not about posting pretty pictures, or the latest way to game the algorithm. We use social media as part of a strategic marketing plan, to implement funnels, to reach new audiences, grow communities, test offers and lead industries.


There’s three stages.

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01. Set Up & Admin

This is the deep-dive. We build your strategy, create your content for the next three months and tick off all the admin.

  • Finalise all payment and contract paperwork

  • Book in your strategy session

  • Provide your content marketing plan

  • Set-up or re-brand and optimise your social profiles

  • Design social media graphics

02. Creation

Now we’ve got a strategy and we’re set up for success, it’s time to make your content.

  • Arrange required photography/videos

  • Create first 30 days of content

  • Draft blog/lead magnet/funnel

  • Draft campaign if advertising is included in package

03. Management

Now it’s on to the day-to-day! If we’re managing your social for you, we will:

  • Schedule/post your content

  • Manage inbound and outbound engagements

  • Publish blogs and lead magnets, and share on your platforms

  • Manage your stories and ads, if included in package

  • Provide monthly analytics and reporting

After the opening 10 minutes of a strategy call, Katy had totally grasped the challenge I have and offered clear and actionable solutions. Katy is a breath of fresh in terms of her approach, she takes time to listen, welcomes a discussion and inspires a new way of thinking.
Looking forward to working with Katy in the future to further develop.
— Sally Smith

Why Blake Social?


01. We’re passionate about your results.

Much as we love it, social media isn’t the goal. Social media is a tactic, a powerful part of your marketing strategy that can help you to reach more people and achieve your goals. We can’t deny that it feels great when you get lots of likes, comments and shares… but our focus is on helping you to achieve your business goals, and make real money.

02. We’ve got experience.

Over ten years, in fact. Social media and copywriting are in our DNA. We’ve helped companies to care about and connect with brands for years, and we don’t believe in cookie-cutter tactics, or boring social media.

If you want real, strategic results, you need a team of experts with proven experience.

03. It’s all about community.

We’re big on community - your community, our community, and personal connections. And part of that is acknowledging that while we’re the social media experts, you are the experts in your business - and that’s why we work together closely. We build it together. As your company grows and your goals evolve, we’ll do the same with your social strategy.